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Organization structure:

The Folsom Rotary Foundation is a charitable, 501(c)(3) non-profit entity created for the specific primary purpose of receiving gifts, bequests from individuals, companies, and qualifying fund raisers to make a lasting difference in the Folsom Community. These funds allow growth in a permanent endowment fund as well as a Community Services fund from which distributions are made to and for the local charitable, health, and educational groups within the greater Folsom community. The Foundation invests contributions and uses the earnings yearly for grants to charities directly as well as projects of the Rotary Club of Folsom which can make a lasting dif-ference in Folsom for Health, Education and Community. Tax ID #94-3181710.

Administration of the Folsom Rotary Foundation:

The Foundation is administratively established with an elected Board of Trustees, who are nominated and elected by members of the Rotary Club of Folsom and serve for a three year term. Approximately 1/3 of the Trustees are elected each year so that in any one year 2/3's can remain in office. The Foundation Board of Directors meets quarterly, and are governed as a charitable 501 (c)(3) non-profit entity with duly stated Articles of Incorporation.

The Foundation Board of Trustees:

Officers and other Trustees

President - Ken Stuart
Vice President - John Messner
Chief Financial Officer - Frank Woods
Secretary - Rich Pepin
President of Folsom Rotary Club - Bill Hutto
Jim Karnis
John Abernethy
David Boldt
Chuck Thurman

Corporate donors:

Folsom Chamber of Commerce
Folsom Economic Development Corporation- FEDCORP
Folsom Lake Bank
Folsom Tourism Bureau
Wells Fargo Bank

Individual donors:

Rich Cantor
Jason Davis
Joe Gagliardi
Jack Kipp
John Mansoor
Bob Quinlan
David West

Major projects directly supporting Folsom Rotary Foundation

Folsom Blues Breakout
Folsom Fest Parking at the annual 4th of July Rodeo event
Folsom Rotary Annes - Crab Feed at St. Johns Church
Fourth of July Fireworks booth - various locations within Folsom
Wine and Dine Gala - Kipp Community Center

Mission Statement:

What we do


Dignity Health Hospital - Folsom special projects
Hearing aids for children project
Special Olympics
Swimming lessons provided for youth residing in Mercy Housing
Sutter Stroke Camp Fund
Wheel chairs for disabled youth


Dictionaries for every third grader in Folsom public school
Every 15 minutes - program by CHP at Vista Del Lago High School
Folsom Hope Project
Folsom Lake - Christmas Gift project
Folsom Lake - Counseling project
Interact Club - Folsom High School and Folsom Lake High School
Rotary Youth Exchange - RYE
Rotary Youth Leadership Academy - RYLA
Scholarships for Senior graduates - Folsom High School and Folsom Lake High School
Sober Grad Night - Folsom High School
Speech contest -Folsom High School - Rotary International event
Teacher Mini Grant Award Program
Youth Leadership Conference - Junior class Folsom High School and Business community


Bike Trail parkway bench project
Bike Trail clean up and improvements
Boy Scout Troop 94 - support project
Folsom Historical Society - construction projects
Folsom Dog Park - water fountains and shade structure project
Muir House project
Pioneer Village - construction projects
Power House Ministries - landscaping and patio addition
Twin Lakes Food Bank - various upgrade and landscaping/planter projects
Veterans Day Parade

Grant Application:

Process to acquire a grant from this foundation

Chamber Folsom Lake Bank Folsom Tourist Bureau Intel Fedcrop Rotary International
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